Assistant Professor

Mahidol Consulting and Design Service Program of Civil and Environmental Engineering (MAHIDOL CEEDS)

Deputy Program Director
Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering
(International Program)

Department of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Mahidol University
25/25 Puttamonthon 4 Road
Salaya, Putthamonthon
Nakornpathom 73170
Tel: (+66) 02-889-2138 ext. 6391
Fax: (+66) 02-889-2138 ext. 6388



Mahidol University, Nakornpathom, Thailand (1998)

B.Eng., Civil Engineering.

New Jersey Institute of Technology, New Jersey, USA (2000)

M.S., Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering)

Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia ,USA (2006)

Ph.D., Civil and Environmental Engineering (Major: Structural, Mechanics and Materials, Minor: Geotechnical Engineering)

University Executive Development Program - Office of the Higher Education Commission, Thammasart University (2010)


Fields of Specialty

Quantitative non-destructive and non-invasive methods of civil engineering materials; wave propagation in solids, emphasizing on developing techniques for the generation and detection of ultrasonic waves; signal processing techniques applied to nondestructive evaluation; development of sensors for condition and health monitoring of structural components; mechanical testing for materials used in geotechnical and transportation engineering.


Ongoing Projects


* Vibration-based Structural Health Monitoring using Nonlinear Parameter

* Applications of wavelet transformation in the nondestructive test of cement-based materials

* Identification of dynamic properties of engineering structures from vibration measurement

* Risk monitoring for buildings and civil engineering structures using wireless sensor network

* Flexural Behaviors of Concrete Beams Repaired and Strengthened with Near Surface Mounted Prestressing Rods

* Use of CFRP strips and Fabrics in Hot and Humid Environment (NJIT Collaborative Research Project, Prof. C.T. Thomas Hsu)


Previous Projects


* Laem Chabang International Port (International Terminal) Inspection

* Testing energy efficiency of pumping system through pump refurbishment and epoxy coating - Henkel

* Full Scale Load Testing BPEX Project, Maptaphut Rayong - DaeWoo Tech (Thailand) and SKC

* Development of testing equipment and procedure for the use of construction adhesive - Henkel

* Durability assessment of microsilica concrete - Elkem Materials (Welcome Mr. Per Fidjestol, August25th)

* The Development of Health Monitoring System for Civil Structures using Sensoring Network Technology (Thai Young Professionals Initiative Research Fund - Mahidol University)

* Potential Use of Sugar-Ash in Concrete Block ( IRPUS - Thailand Research Fund) =>Paper in Thai

* Development of Bentonite-Polymer Slurry Shields for Wet Process Bored Pile ( IRPUS - Thailand Research Fund + Thai Nippon Chemical Industry Co.,LTD. Collaborative Research Project) =>Paper in Thai

* Tensioned Fabric Structures Design (Rocket Products International Co.,Ltd. Collaborative Project)

* Tensioned Fabric Structures Design (Teo Hong Silom Co., Ltd. Collaborative Project)


Courses Taught


Undergraduate Level Courses - Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering at Mahidol University

EGCE 203 Strength of Materials

EGCE 491 Advanced mathematical methods for civil engineering applications


Graduate Level Courses - Master Degree in Civil Engineering (International) at Mahidol University

EGCE 503: Destructive and Nondestructive Testing

EGCE 532: Finite Element Method for Civil Engineering




Refereed Articles



Conference Proceedings


  • Punurai,W., Nantayatron,W., Pholdee,N. (2013),"Study on integrated computer aided design method for series of steel roof truss based on genetic algorithm",7th International Structural Engineering and Construction Conference (ISEC-7), June 18 - 23, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.
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  • Hsu ,C.-T.T., Punurai,W. (2010),"Combined Tension and Compression Strengthenings of RC Beams by CFRP Composite Fabrics " , 13th International Congress and Exhibition on Extending the Life of Bridges, Concrete + Composites, Buildings, Masonry + Civil (Structural Faults + Repair-2010), 15-17 June, Edinburgh, Scotland.
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Punurai, W., Hsu, C.-T. T., Punurai, S. (2006), "Structural Engineering-Laboratory and Experiments", First Edition, NJIT Press, Newark, New Jersey, USA, 73 pages. (Copyrights Registration No. TX 7-080-629, USA, July 30, 2009)

Hsu, C.-T. T., Punurai, W., (2006), " Mechanics of Materials-Laboratory and Experiments", Third Edition, NJIT Press, Newark, New Jersey, USA, 74 pages.


Computer Programs


Hsu, C.-T. T., Punurai, W., Punurai, S. (2004), "Biaxially loaded RC columns strengthened by CFRP", Copyrights Registration No. TXu 1-637-863, USA, June 18, 2008)


Invited Lectures/Presentations/Scientific Collaboration


New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), USA, April 2012 (Invited).

Centro de Investigacion en Matematicas (CIMAT), Mexico, May-June 2010 (Invited).

Faculty of Graduate Studies and School of Civil Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, Feb 2008 (Invited).

Regional Network Office for Urban Safety, Asian Institute of Technology, Pathumthani, Thailand, Feb 2007 (Invited).


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